466 million people in the world are living with disabling hearing loss. Most are living in low- and middle-income countries. Children in these areas rarely receive schooling.

Does hearing loss effect many people?

World Health Organization reports, it is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have disabling hearing loss.

What causes hearing loss?

World Health Organization reports, hearing loss may result from genetic causes, complications at birth, certain infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, the use of particular drugs, exposure to excessive noise, and ageing.

What causes hearing loss in young people?

World Health Organization reports, 1.1 billion young people (aged between 12–35 years) are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to noise in recreational settings.

What if I don't get my help with my hearing loss?

World Health Organization reports, unaddressed hearing loss poses an annual global cost of US$ 750 billion. Interventions to prevent, identify and address hearing loss are cost-effective and can bring great benefit to individuals. People with hearing loss benefit from early identification; use of hearing aids, cochlear implants and other assistive devices; captioning and sign language; and other forms of educational and social support.

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